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How To Sell Gumpaste Cake Toppers Online

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Next on our list of possible items for cake decorators to sell online is gumpaste cake toppers. These are popular for birthdays and weddings, and you can charge a decent price for them depending on the amount of detail that you put into them.

Determining Pricing

This is definitely one item that you want to have a very firm pricing chart for. Gumpaste (or polymer clay) toppers are usually something that people want to be personalized in some way, so you'll need to know how much time it takes you to adjust things so that you make enough on them.

Shipping is also a touchy thing for toppers. They tend to need more secure packaging than simpler items, so they take longer to wrap and need more packaging, which adds to the cost.

Make sure that these items are insured when you mail them, or you might run into situations where a topper is damaged in transit and you end up having to refund the cost without recourse against the shipper.

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