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How To Sell 3D Fondant Cupcake Toppers Online

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This week we'll look at 3D cupcake toppers, which are a little different than the flat ones as far as selling them online.

Determining Pricing

I'll repeat this from last week in case you missed it...The first thing that you should do is figure out YOUR OWN pricing. Don't look at what other people are charging until you know what you'll need to charge to make a decent profit.

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Comparison Shopping

Next, do your comparison shopping to see if it even makes sense to sell these types of toppers. If you need to charge $5 each but everyone else is selling them for $1 each, it might not be worth your time unless your product is so much better than the others it's super obvious why the price is higher.

Things to Keep In Mind For 3D Cupcake Toppers

With the 3D toppers you usually have a basic design that can be made assemb…

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