Saturday, November 28, 2015

Craftsy Class Review: Capture the Moment-Three Unforgettable Cakes

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Capture the Moment was taught by Kristen Erich, and unlike many classes, actually included some designs that you might be able to use on real cakes. None of this 3D balancing-cake-on-a-stick stuff that nobody wants to pay for...These designs could actually be something that you can sell to customers for real money! Woo hoo!

The three designs are pretty specific, but could be tweaked to be made into designs that could be included for occasions other than the ones in the class. For example, the sea glass one could be adapted into a mermaid party by changing the colors, and the ballerina cake could be changed to a circus tent cake if you made a few easy substitutions.

Some of the techniques included in the three cakes include making the sea glass (but be careful if you do it the way she shows you because that stuff is SHARP), painting with crisco and petal dusts, making drapes, debossing patterns into fondant, applying color onto the textured fondant, and making a few different gumpaste flowers. There's enough here to give you something you can learn...

The only weird part in this whole class was the interlude where she talked about donating cakes. It's a nice thought but I don't understand why it was included in the class, since it had nothing to do with anything. When she said that donating cakes would make you remember why you started doing cakes in the first place I thought, well, I started doing them to make an income for myself, so donating them negates that. Just donate cakes if you feel like it, but too much of that can run you out of business. I've seen it in action.

Anyway, this class was on sale during the Black Friday sale and it still is at this point. It's worth it for the sale price because it did have a lot of different stuff in it. Get it while it's cheap, is what I say.

Go here for the class:  Capture the Moment-Three Unforgettable Cakes

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Gilded Cake

This gilded cake was interesting, I started out assuming it would be a traditional design with gumpaste flowers, and it ended up being an abstract instead. Sometimes that just happens.

I started out by debossing the pattern into the fondant, then painted it with layers of gold, green pink and blue. Layering the colors gives you more depth in the color. You have to be careful that you don't put the layers on too thick or the color will start to pull itself off the surface of the fondant.

After the color I considered putting flowers on it but it didn't seem to go with the pattern. Then I saw a dog rose outside my house that was white in the center and bright pink, and I liked the shape of it, which was roundish with bright color on the edge and white on the inside. I decided to put some round, flat flowers on the cake, and I was considering doing poppies with vines.

But then I looked at the gold surface again and it reminded me of a Klimt painting, and I realized that the round shapes were like the discs in some of his work. So I went Klimt-y, and I used the colors that I had used in the underpainting of the main cake to color the discs that I placed in a random-style arrangement on the tiers. These served as the "flowers" on the cake, and brought the colors I had used earlier onto the surface of the design.

 I also decided to paint some of the "flower" colors into the surface of the cake to tie them together further. Then I added some gold leaf for good measure, because everything's better with gold leaf.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Sampler Cakes For Designs- How to Make Fondant Ruffles Video

In the olden days when people actually piped things, I heard of people piping different borders on a dummy cake so that brides could see what they actually look like instead of just looking at pictures.

I thought that was a good idea, but I never got around to doing it myself. I did, however, decide to do a "ruffle sampler" cake so that I could show clients what different types of fondant ruffles look like on a cake. I did a video to go along with it, showing how to make each type of ruffle, so take a look.

There are 7 different varieties of ruffles on it, and I've made a note of where the instructions for each one starts on the video description, so you don't need to watch the whole thing if you only want to see one type. Just skip to the time mark where the one you like starts and ignore the rest.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Class Reviews- Dahlia Cake and Sunflower Cake

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Pretty Witty Cakes added a couple of flower-themed cake video tutorials recently. They cover how to make a sunflower and how to make a dahlia, and each one also covers two different types of edges on fondant cakes.

The dahlia class shows you how to get a sharp edge on your fondant tiers. If you don't like that (or your customer doesn't) you can use the tips on the sunflower class to get a nice soft edge on your tiers. One is not better than the other, it's a design choice so don't start frothing at the mouth saying that you HAVE to have one or the other.

So anyway, both classes cover how to make a large 3D flower and how to cover the cakes. You can also watch the Winter Wedding class to see how to make a bouquet of flowers to place on a cake for a fuller effect.

Pretty Witty Cakes is an excellent value for the membership price, and they have a free membership which lets you watch a number of the free tutorials. You can now buy the individual classes if you only want one or two, but it makes more sense to sign up for a monthly membership and watch as many videos as you want any time that you want.

Both classes are worth watching to see the methods used to get each type of edge, and to see how to make the flowers. The sunflower has wired petals so you'll get some tips on doing that, too.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Who Wants My Cake Stalker?

I apparently have a cake stalker.

This is someone who is strangely obsessed with me, for whatever reason. This isn't a compliment, it's a little disturbing. Not that it's disturbing in a way that I'm thinking "Oh my God, I need to get a restraining order." No, it's more of a "How pathetic are you that you seem to feel the need to monitor my activities, you weirdo? Go get a life." So it's more of a pity kind of disturbing. I'm disturbed for them.

Some of my online friends and I were discussing the fact that there seem to be a lot of sycophantic types on cake decorators' pages. You post a picture of a cake and people tell you that you're such a genius, you're such an artist, you're amazing, etc. etc. It's a little ridiculous, but it shows that there's a lack of perspective, for want of a better term, in this business. (Really, nobody's a genius or an artist because they can put fondant on a cake.)

This lack of perspective has apparently hit my cake stalker a little hard, since he/she seems to think that it's a good idea to keep track of everything I do and mention it in random places online. For example, I'll mention something on my facebook page, and it gets brought up on instagram without a context. Or I'll post something on Pinterest and it gets repeated on facebook without a context. It's never in a complimentary way, though, there's usually some kind of snarky remark attached to it.

The thing about this is that I know someone else who was being followed online by a group who would send her messages on facebook about her work, always critical and demanding that she "stop copying so-and-so, who is a genius." (Yeah, she knew how to cover a cake in fondant.) So the watching and stalking and generally being stupid isn't an isolated thing.

I have to assume, based on what I've seen, that there are a lot of people stalking a lot of other people online.

So if you do this, just stop. It's a real waste of your time. Monitoring other people's activities is just weird, it accomplishes nothing, and it's just weird. Did I mention it's weird?

And remember, piping icing and putting fondant on stuff doesn't make anyone a genius. It makes you a technician, but that's another subject.

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