Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chocolate clay vs. fondant

When you make a cake you have to decide what to use to decorate it, based on the final effect that you want to get. For this one I needed a good gold color, so I decided to use chocolate clay instead of fondant. The oils in the chocolate seem to hold onto the sheen of the luster dusts that you use for the gold better than the fondant does, so you tend to get a more metallic shine. As you can see, the metallic color is pretty reflective, too, as evidenced by the glare in the middle of the picture!

This cake was covered in buttercream, and had the chocolate clay applied onto the surface of the cake in pieces. The bows, which the bride wanted, were made from chocolate clay in a natural color, so that gave it the more tailored look the groom wanted. It was a nice compromise, and the cake looked really nice in the Marble Hall at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Here's a video showing how to get the gold color to work:

And here's one showing how to make candy clay:

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Carmen said...

Perusing again and noticed this post. I love using gold luster dust on fondant and the shine is awesome. Have you tried mixing (just a drop)of vodka and the gold luster dust (must be the luster kind)? Actually Everclear is better than any clear liquor b/c it has the highest alcohol content. That means that it evaporates quicker (great for painting on fondant b/c it doesnt "eat" at it). Just be careful to recap your container b/c of the evaporation. (WrightWay777 on CC)