Wedding Cakes- How Not To Cut One.

(Originally published in September of 2009, this shows how you can't count on a serving count!)

This photo comes courtesy of A baker who shall remain anonymous... She posted the story on a cake discussion board that I read, and it was so horrifyingly funny I asked her if I could use it as an example of a bad thing...

This is what was done to a wedding cake that she made, for her sister, no less. Normally, you take a tiered cake apart to cut it. In this case, someone apparently thought that it was a good idea to hack the thing apart while it was still stacked, and this was the end result. I tell brides that no matter how much estimation I make about how many servings the cake will yield, how many actually come out of it will depend on how it's cut. This isn't exactly what I mean when I say that, but it certainly proves the point!

I always ask who will be cutting the cake, and I still bring a cutting chart with me in case it's needed. Most places that I deliver to have staff on hand who have cut one or two wedding cakes before, so it generally isn't necessary, but after seeing this picture I'll be sure to double-check! Jaime said that she gave them very clear instructions on how to cut the cake, but I guess someone felt like being creative. Don't try to be creative. Just follow the directions.

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