Beatles Cake

My daughter is a huge Beatles fan, since I brainwashed both of my kids to be that way. She is also very persuasive, so when she started talking about her birthday party ten months before the event, I didn't think anything about it.

I forgot that this year wasn't a "friend party" year, but rather, a "family party" year. See, when my kids were babies, I came up with the idea of alternating years so that I would basically get out of hosting a bunch of screaming kids every year. It was also when the backlash against the over-the-top parties had started, and I read an article about how birthdays used to just be you and your family and a cake after dinner. That sounded okay to me, and I also don't really understand why people should have parties for themselves on their birthdays anyway. (What did you do on that day? Nothing. Your mother did the work, why don't we buy HER a present. But I digress.)

So anyway, my daughter started planning her party a looong time ago, and when I finally realized that she was sneaking a "friend party" in, it was too late. I'd already told her that she could go to the rock climbing place, and that I'd make her a Beatles cake. When I realized what had happened, I did rein it in, though. She had two people invited to go (my limit) and I slapped together a cake in a disgruntled manner. She had also told me that she wanted the cover to Let It Be, but when I told her that I wasn't going to do four portraits she agreed to settle on Revolver (which is one of my favorites anyway.) I did like how it turned out.

This was freehanded in about 45 minutes using food coloring markers. I had to leave a lot of detail out, obviously, but I still think it came out fine. Passable for a snuck-in birthday party, and after this the schedule of family/friend parties will stick in my mind for next year.

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