Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Sewing Machine Cake

I've been waiting to post pictures of this cake because the party wasn't going to be until tonight, but now it should be safe...

This was a cake that was made for the birthday party of a quilter who apparently enjoys drinking wine while she sews. I used to make quilts when I used to have free time (ha ha), so I wanted to make her a good quilter's sewing machine, not a junky one like I had when I was in high school. I just happened to have bought myself a Baby Lock last year, and I used that as the model. (I told my husband that he had made a very generous purchase for my Christmas gift, so I justified it that way.)

This cake was travelling between Virginia and Pennsylvania, so instead of doing the whole thing out of cake I did the part that overhangs the left side out of Rice Krispie treats. I didn't want the weight of the cake to make the left side collapse, and if I wouldn't be there to fix it I thought that was the safest way. The cake part was the base of the machine and the right side. The machine was covered in fondant, and I used fondant to do the details of the function buttons and the quilt itself. The quilt had a stiching detail on the bottles, which isn't showing up too well in the pictures, unfortunately.

I loved this cake, the sewing geek in me got to come out for a while. If anyone has any more requests for household appliance cakes, bring them on!

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