DIY? Not So Fast...Part 1

I'm a big proponent of Do-It-Yourself projects to save money, but I'm also someone who knows when to pick up the phone and call a professional to do certain jobs. Some things are do-able if you have the time and enough experience to muddle through, but not everything is.

I might feel comfortable painting my living room, but when it comes time to knock down a wall and put an addition on the house, I'm calling a contractor. I've installed lights in my house, and saved some money, but it only took me about five times as long as a pro would have taken. Literally. Five times as long.

And those were for easy projects where nothing went wrong halfway through. Part of the reason that you pay a professional is so that you'll have someone with the experience to know what to do when something does go wrong in the middle of the process.

So when people start talking about doing your own wedding cake to save money, I have to laugh. I've had plenty of semi-new bakers call me in the middle of their projects to ask "What should I do?" when something happened that freaked them out. The cake was leaning, the decorations were coming off, one tier split in half, etc. And they did have some experience, just not enough to have seen what their cake was doing on that particular day. I've been doing cakes for 14 years, and I think that I've seen pretty much anything they'll do, but every now and then I get a surprise, too. The difference between me and a DIY caker, though, is that if something does go wrong, I'll probably have an idea about what to do based on my experience.

This next series of articles will explore the fun that is making your own wedding cake, and how much money you'll really save. I'm going to post one section a day for the next few days, so stay tuned...

If you're determined to do your own cake, get my guide to making a simple wedding cake. It will give you the guidance you need to stay off of! 

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