Cake Design--Karate Cake

I love, love, love when people start a design meeting with "I have kind of a strange idea for the cake." That means that the wedding cake design is going to be fun, and really reflect who the couple is, instead of what they think they "should" do.

My kids have taken Tae Kwon Do at Dong's School since they were both pretty young. They're both 2nd degree black belts now, and the instructor who has worked with both of them at the headquarters branch the entire time they've been there is Instructor Mike.

He and another instructor, Lisa, got engaged a while ago, and asked me to do their cake. They had an idea for something that was a little more non-traditional, and I was more than happy to comply. Mike and Lisa kept putting off their wedding because of one thing or another, and they finally decided to just go to Vegas and get married. They still wanted the same cake that we'd talked about from the start for the party they had locally, though, and I was pleased to finally be able to make it for them this weekend.

The cake had figures of Mike and Lisa sparring and ripping the side of the tiers up, with their four dogs in various stages of either eating the ripped up pieces or burrowing into the cake.

I decided to go with a "fluffy," old-school, piped buttercream look for the non-ripped up part, since tearing up a traditional style wedding cake seemed appropriate. I added some smashed gumpaste flowers at the base of the fought-upon section, and I put a tipped-over Vegas sign on top.

This cake proves that you can get married and also have a cake that reflects your sense of humor. Do what you want to with your cake design, not what you think you "should" do!

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