Wedding Cake Article Myths, Part 3

This is a good one...In one of the most recent issues of a national bridal magazine, there's yet another article about how to save money on your wedding.

What gems did they trot out this time? The old sheet cake one (see my entry on Wedding Cake Article Myths, Part 2) and a new piece of advice that just baffles me. They say that if you get square cakes instead of round, they will serve more people. Huh?

Okay, but most bakers price their cakes by using the number of servings as a guideline. So how does having a larger number of servings make a cake cheaper? If anyone can explain the logic behind this one to me I'd appreciate it.

How would this scenario go?
Bride: I'd like a three-tiered round cake.
Baker: Okay.
Bride: Wait, I'd like to have it be square tiers instead.
Baker: Okay. Oh, no! You have cleverly tricked me into selling you a larger number of servings for the same price! Ho ho ho, joke's on me!

Well, maybe it wouldn't happen exactly like that. Maybe the bride would be charged a HIGHER price for MORE servings. Plus, some bakers charge an extra fee for square tiers. I don't, but some do.

Now I just can't wait to see how many other writers who have never made, sold, or even seen a real wedding cake see that advice and copy it. It should be popping up all over in the next few issues of other magazines...Too funny.

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