Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cake Design--Drape cake

I had a cake to deliver to the Jefferson Hotel yesterday, and I got to make a lot of gumpaste flowers that I don't usually make. I did some orchids and lisianthus, with green leaves that were both solid and variegated. There were also burgundy gumpaste roses, which were going to be the main flower onthe cake.
Here are some of the flowers...
And here's the finished cake. I used an Italian Meringue
buttercream on this, and the drapes were made of gumpaste.

If anyone has any suggestions on which orchid cutters are good, please let me know. I had to fake it with the ones that I had, but it made me realize that I need to get some good cutters.

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Kate said...

beautiful flowers! cake looks gorgeous. i'm not entirely sure what cutters you use, however i have heard lots of people swearing by JEM cutters found on

here's the link to the orchid cutter:'s%20Orchid%20Cutter%20Set%20of%202

also, want to let you know that the sour cream made the cookies quite soft. the change was definitely worth trying.

Kara said...

Thanks for the links. I was using some random cutters that came from different flowers, since nothing I had was exactly the right shape.

Crafty Sugar said...

Hi Kara,I have all of Jem's cutters and I wish I could trade every one of them!They are fine if you are only using them occasionally but if like me,making flowers is what you do every day,then I would not use them!Mine have gone blunt after using them for a while,my tools have all broken,I'm constantly having to replace them!I'd give anything to find good metal cutters and solid metal tools!

Kara said...

Wow, that's good to know! Thanks for the info.

Veronica Yoshida said...

I've used a few of the JEM cutters but like you I have just random cutters that I use for a variety of flowers. Orchids seem to be my bane right now and I can only partly blame the cutters. Having all the right cutters in various sizes seems to help tremendously as well. If you find some great cutters I'm sure you'll post abou it.

caribbeanbrides said...

The best cutters I found was from Scott Clarke Woolley. I have bought some from him and had them for years now. here is his wensite, hope its ok to put it here. BTW: I am not affilliated to him in any way.

caribbeanbrides said...

The best cutters and veiners I found were from Scott Clarke Woolley at
He has all the Orchid cutters.
Hope its ok to put the link/ BTW: I am not associated with his business in any way, just a cusromer.