Cake Design--Snowflake Cake

I did a cake this past weekend that required a lot of gumpaste snowflakes. Since some of them needed to be extended off of the edges of the cake, I made them thicker than I usually make snowflakes so that they wouldn't be quite as fragile.

I used three methods to make the snowflakes. For some of them I used a paper punch to punch the snowflake shape out of a thin piece of gumpaste. I then "reinforced" them by piping over the main shape with royal icing. I've used the paper punch method a few times this year, and it makes really nice, thin shapes, but they're really fragile.

The second method was rolling out the gumpaste, shaping it with a cutter and/or a snowflake mold, then overpiping with royal icing. If you put the cut shape into an embossed mold before overpiping it, you'll have some shapes to follow while piping the designs.

The third method was the basic piped royal icing. I used a tip that was larger than usual so that they'd be a little more sturdy, due to the fact that some of them had to extend off of the side of the cake.

The photo of the finished cake is above...I used about eighty snowflakes for this one. Some of them were stuck into the cake, and some were attached to each other to give them a three-dimensional effect. There were also some attached to the sides of the cake

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