Cheap Trick is Made of Awesome

I grew up with a family of classical musicians, so I like music that's actually music and not computer-adjusted/studio-enhanced/can't play live junk. When I was a kid I "discovered" the Beatles, so I spent from about age 7 to now having them as my favorite group, which sets the bar high.

I am of a certain age *ahem* so I remember when Cheap Trick came on the music scene in the 70's. They were awesome. And they still are. They are old-school musicians who don't have to rely on someone adjusting their music with a computer to make them sound good. Their live shows never disappoint, and I've seen more than a few.

When I saw that they were playing a the Sgt. Pepper album live in Las Vegas last September, I used the Beatles/Trick combination to justify going out there for one day to see the show. My kids both love the Beatles, and have heard CT enough to like them, and they were only going to miss one day of school for it, right? (I told their schools that we were going on a family vacation, but their Las Vegas concert t-shirts probably gave it away.)

I found out they were going to be in Charlottesville last night, so I packed everyone up again and we drove up there to see them play their own stuff. Here's the recap:

1. The show was awesome.

2. Their playing was awesome.

3. Rick hit me on the head with a guitar pick, which was awesome (yes, I found it on the ground and I have it now).

4. I got a second pick by using my friend's "step on it and wait the crowd out" tip, which was awesome. Especially since I stepped on it while some woman had her face about 5 inches from it on the ground and was just a liiiiitttle too slow. All's fair...

5. My kids both got multiple picks, which is awesome because if one had got some and the other hadn't it wouldn't be awesome.

6. My music-major/jazz snob husband is a full-fledged CT fan after seeing them play live, having graduated from basic fan, which is awesome.

7.Rick's Beatles guitar was awesome.

8. The jackass who stood next to me and screamed at Rick the whole night was not awesome, but there's one in every crowd.

Go to to see their upcoming concert dates, or to order their latest album (called The Latest).

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