Interview- Maureen Agbay on the Agbay Leveler

I bought an Agbay cake leveler last year, and I love it. It makes it so easy to get level cakes and when I see people debating whether it's worth the price I want to tell them to run right out and buy one! I asked Maureen Agbay if she'd be willing to tell me a little bit about it, so here are her answers:

Q: How did you come up with the idea for the Agbay leveler?

A: I was working with a very prominent cake decorator in Central Massachusetts doing most of the leveling and torting. We did a lot of cakes and sometimes the cakes were up to 20" across, 6" high and split several times. I was at my wits end struggling with poorly designed equipment, so Tony told me I should have her get me a professional leveler. She said that we had the best on the market. It just didn't do the job, so Tony (my husband who coincidentally is a product design engineer) came to my rescue and designed a great leveler for me. We had no idea at the time that we were actually about to start a new business.

Q: What about it makes it different from others on the market?

A: There are several differences between our levelers and others on the market.
1. Ours are Professional quality built to last a lifetime and give perfectly flat cuts every time.
2. The Blades are very sharp double-beveled scallop edge stainless steel blades that are also
under more than 100 lbs. of tension each. This ensures a flat parallel cut every time.
3. Each leveler has easy to read scales on both sides to make height adjustments very easy.
4. With other levelers, there is no stability. The Agbay Leveler has very stable foot assemblies that ensures stability and prevent "rocking". All of the accuracy is built right into the tool.

Q: What is the difference between the "Original" Agbay Single Blade Cake Leveler, the "New" Agbay Upgradeable Single Blade Leveler, and the Agbay "Deluxe" Cake Leveler ?

The "Original" Single Blade Leveler was available for about 10 years. The blade could only go down to 1 1/8" above the work surface and a second blade could not be added to it. So we decided to add a couple of new features and created the "New" Agbay Upgradeable Single Blade Leveler.

The "New" Agbay Upgradeable Single Blade Cake Leveler allows the blade to be set all the way down to the work surface just like the"Deluxe". It can also be "Upgraded" in the future by adding the Upper Blade Assembly making it identical to the "Deluxe" model. It also has a very attractive new finish.

The Agbay "Deluxe" Double Blade Cake Leveler was designed in response to the small to mid-sized bakeries needing to level and split many cakes a day very quickly and consistently. It has also been very helpful to Wedding Cake Artists who want to level and split their cakes to have perfect layers every time. New scales have been added to allow for easy adjustment of the Upper Blade from the front of the Leveler.

Q: If you were a baker who could only buy the single-blade leveler and one other accessory (extra blade, extra knobs, blade cleaner, etc) which one would you choose?

A: This is an easy one! Without a doubt, the Blade Cleaning Tool. It's a great little tool for removing any cake build-up from the blade in between cuts and keeps your fingers away from the incredibly sharp blades.

Thanks to Maureen for taking the time to talk about the leveler. You can get more information and order an Agbay leveler at

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