The Most Perfect Day Of My Life and Other Jokes

I don't know when the change from a focus on the marriage to a focus on the reception came about, but it certainly complicates things. When people used to get married with small cake and punch receptions in the church hall directly after the wedding it was probably a lot easier to control for problems. Now that receptions have gotten bigger and more elaborate there are a lot more moving parts, which means there is a lot more possibility for things to go wrong.

That's good for me, because I love to hear funny stories of wedding mishaps. (They might not be funny at the time, but in retrospect they are.)

Before I did this blog I had started another one that was just funny wedding stories, thinking that I could probably find one or two occasionally to write about. It was a little surprising to see how violently people reacted when I mentioned the topic. It wasn't a "ha ha that's funny" kind of reaction, it was more of a "LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO ME" kind of thing.

Interestingly enough, most of the stories involve some kind of etiquette faux pas, but there wasn't a clear division of guilt. Sometimes it was the hosts, sometimes it was the guests.

Face it, not everything is going to be perfect on your wedding day, but what day is perfect? If you're juggling fifty details (and I hope it's the coordinator juggling them, not the bride) then it's likely that something will be missed. It's the things that are missed that are the amusing items.

If you have any wedding horror stories, either from the perspective of a guest or the host, email and let me know what they are. I'm going to include a few here for my own amusement, and, I hope, everyone else's.
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