Product Review- PME Gold Lustre Spray

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When you need to add a shine to a cake or gumpaste flowers, you can do it a few different ways. I have an airbrush that I use to spray fondant if needed, but I decided to get some edible PME lustre spray in a can to see if it would be a better choice.

The cans come in a number of colors, including gold, pearl, bronze, red, blue and pink. I tried the gold because I had a cake that needed to be covered entirely with gold luster dust, and the airbrush will sometimes get clogged and start spitting out little
droplets that mar the smooth surface of the cake. I thought that the spray can might give a better result.

The cans did a good job, and it covered the surface of the fondant without the droplets that I mentioned before. It works like a spray paint can, in that you have to keep moving it around while you're spraying the cake in order to get a clean surface. Obviously, if you keep it in one spot too long it will get blotchy, but the cans did do a better job of avoiding the droplets that the airbrush can produce.

I was trying to keep the color on the lighter side, so I didn't want to spray more than a couple of
coats. As a result, the gold wasn't as shiny as I wanted it to be, so I also brushed some dry luster dust on the tiers after the spray dried. That made it a little more sparkly without adding smeary marks to the fondant.

The major problem that I had with this product is that it goes EVERYWHERE. If you're going to use it, definitely do it outside. It will rub off a little if you touch the fondant, too, but it seemed to do better than an airbrush does. I didn't get them wet, though, so it will probably react the same way as an airbrushed color would if water gets on it and you try to wipe it off.

One can did a 6-8-10" tiered cake, and there's a little left over. I don't know how much is in the can, but it doesn't feel like much is left. If you have a larger cake you should probably get more than one can to be on the safe side. That's the other downside, it's not cheap. I found cans for $9.99 each, but an average price seems to be around $12-14 per can.

I think that I'd use this again on another small cake, but the price is what would keep me from using it all the time. It did a really good job of spraying the color on smoothly, though.

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