More Wedding Tragedies

This is a little long, but it was such a beautiful moment...

My best friend got married in Florida, but she was living in the Northeast at the time, so her mom did most of the planning. Amy isn't the kind of person who really cares too much about fussy wedding details, so her mom did most of the planning, including choosing the band for the reception. Amy also didn't care about what the first dance song was going to be, since her fiance wasn't interested in dancing and they didn't have an "our song" or anything like that. She told her mom to just tell the band to play something appropriate.

So the moment for the bride and groom to make their big appearance on the dance floor came, and Amy and Roberto reluctantly got up to do their duty. The band started playing, and Amy was horrified to hear the strains of a song that she's hated for years, "Through The Eyes Of Love" from that fabulous film about a blind ice skater, Ice Castles. I mean, she REALLY hates that song.

Oh, I didn't mention...Roberto is legally blind. So Amy was dancing to the song that she hates, and then started to worry that Roberto would figure out that the song was about a blind girl and would be offended. (She still isn't sure whether the song choice was a fluke or deliberately chosen by the band when they heard that Roberto's blind, but either way, she knew that having to dance wasn't making him happy.) As the song went on she really started to get nervous, and Roberto was getting grumpier about having to be up on display.

So the song went on...and on...and on... It turns out that nobody had given them any instructions about when to stop, and Amy didn't know that they were supposed to switch off and dance with their parents, so she and Roberto just kept dancing. Eventually, Roberto got disgusted and just stomped off the dance floor.

Oh, glorious love! The one good thing is that he didn't realize the song was about a blind girl, because he would have defected a lot faster, I have no doubt. I'm sure that Amy was horrified at the time, but it makes a good story 15+ years later.
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