She Was Apparently Sick of the Whole Thing

Another quick wedding horror story, and a cautionary tale to brides...

Once upon a time there was a wedding planner who was hired by a mean bride and her evil future Mother-In -Law. These two women hated each other, but because they couldn't go after each other in public, they turned their hatred onto the poor planner. She was forced to not only arrange their wedding, but also had to endure their abuse throughout the whole process.

By the end of the wedding ceremony, the nasty bride was so worked up over the tension of the whole inlaw/wedding experience, she threw up all over herself right before she and her new husband were announced at the reception. Instant karma.

Okay, so it's not really a fairy tale ending, but it sure made the poor planner laugh silently. And the moral of the story? Relax and enjoy your reception, you have the rest of your life to argue with your inlaws if you so choose.

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