Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Potential Wedding Disaster

When I see brides on the various wedding websites discussing which big-box store makes the best wedding cakes, I always cringe. I was at Walmart today and I had to take a picture of the display cake that they have there. Here it is:

Now, I have to assume that this is an example of their best work, since it's on display. I also notice that the photo of the cake in the advertisement in the background is really different than the actual cake. The price of $138, I assume, is the cost of this masterpiece.

The moral of this story is buyer beware. When you're ordering from a huge bakery you're getting a frozen, mass-produced cake that's shipped in from who-knows-where, decorated by who-knows, and as a result may not look like the photo in the catalog that you chose. But for the savings of a couple hundred bucks, you too could have this beautiful cake at your reception!

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Shayna Walker said...

Kara, I love your posts. I think brides are better for reading your candid advice. Cakes are yet another budget item that simply does not get respect - the talent and time you invest in them is totally overwhelming. I'm grateful you're spreading the word!

OFD Consulting LLC said...

I agree with Shayna wholeheartedly.. time to get honest and up front about cakes. I couldn't agree with this post more..

Audric said...

A cake like that belongs in the good company of its friends in the avocado bathroom set.

Jamie said...

Uhhhhh...I am speechless. And embarassed for all of us cake designers out there. We can warn them all we want, but...ouch!

Anonymous said...

egads that's just aweful!!! did they just shoot silly string all over it and call it a day? :\
cindy/cindy's cakery,llc

Anonymous said...

I am not a cake designer, but that is just wrong on so many levels.