Another Potential Wedding Disaster

When I see brides on the various wedding websites discussing which big-box store makes the best wedding cakes, I always cringe. I was at Walmart today and I had to take a picture of the display cake that they have there. Here it is:

Now, I have to assume that this is an example of their best work, since it's on display. I also notice that the photo of the cake in the advertisement in the background is really different than the actual cake. The price of $138, I assume, is the cost of this masterpiece.

The moral of this story is buyer beware. When you're ordering from a huge bakery you're getting a frozen, mass-produced cake that's shipped in from who-knows-where, decorated by who-knows, and as a result may not look like the photo in the catalog that you chose. But for the savings of a couple hundred bucks, you too could have this beautiful cake at your reception!

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