Cake Design--Pirate Ship Cake

There are some cakes that you just look forward to making, and this was one of those. It's funny, because I posted on my twitter account when I was hired to do this, and a bunch of bakers wrote back that they'd love to do one, too. Must be something about a pirate ship...This was for a three-year-old's birthday, so I couldn't scatter rum bottles all over the deck, but it was still fun to do!

The entire ship was edible other than the masts. The sails were made from rice paper, and everything else was either modeling chocolate or piped chocolate. (I'll correct that, it was piped "chocolate", since I had candy melts that were black already I used those so that I wouldn't have to color real chocolate.

This photo includes the client's pirate figures that she's going to put on the cake.

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