Cake Design--Spy Cake

This week I did a spy-themed birthday cake...My daughter had the idea that gave it the extra touch it needed.

The interesting thing about this cake was the shape. I did a curving path up the bottom tier, then stacked a third tier that had been cut in half on the very top. Since the figures of the birthday girl and the guy she was tracking were going to be the main parts of the cake, I wanted to do something else to it that would make it kind of spooky, wonky and unusual, and the twisting shape was the answer for that.

When it came time to put the final decorations on it, I added a code book but it was still missing something. My genius daughter *ahem* said to put " Happy Birthday" on the top of the cake using a code, so that was it! I added the message and the code key, and that took care of the design.

This cake was fun for me mainly because the shape of it was so different. The rest of the decorations were made from chocolate, gumpaste, and modeling chocolate.

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