Cake Design--Wedding Logos and Monograms

One way to add a little personalization to your wedding cake is to include a monogram on one of the tiers, or as a cake topper. Just make sure that the letters don't spell anything that will make your grandmother have a stroke at your reception. (I had one couple whose monogram spelled EPT, and they decided against using it due to the possibility that their parents would think the bride was pregnant and making an announcement about it.)

Taking this one step further, some couples are coming up with personal wedding logos that incorporate their monograms. Monica Horsley, owner of By Invitation Only in Short Pump, says that brides are putting custom logos on everything from invitations to wedding favors. Some other things that she's seen them used for include napkins for the reception, menu cards, and custom rubber stamps. You could also use them on wedding programs and even on t-shirts and out-of-town bags for guests.

I did a cake last month that used hearts and the couple's logo on the topper that I made for the cake. I cut the logo out with my handy exacto and applied it to the topper. That helped to tie the cake into the rest of the decor and carried the theme of the logo through the whole event.

If you're thinking of doing a logo give some thought to hiring a graphic designer to do something for you that's well-done. If you're going to use it on all parts of your wedding you want it to be professional-looking.

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