Cake Design--Car Cake Steps

This week I did a car cake and actually remembered to take pictures of the process.

The first step is to make a template of the side view of the car, and cut a board that will support the cake. I base the length of both on the length of the cake pans that will be used to make the cake.

Cut slots out of the cake board where the tires will go.

Stack the cakes and use the template as a guide to cut the shape of the car out.
Cut out notches where the tire slots are located.

Crumb coat the cake, then cut out some fondant or gumpaste to cover the cake where the windows will be.

Cover the entire cake with fondant.

Cut out the shape of the windows to expose the fondant underneath in the shape of the windows
and headlights.

At this point, put the cake on the cake board. You should have a piece of styrofoam or other solid surface that raises the cake off the board enough to position the wheels. Cover that with black
fondant to make it less obvious. The cake board
should be positioned so that the cake is sitting centered on it.

Add details including coloring the windows and headlights. Trim, wheels, windshield wipers and all other details can be put on now. I realized that I forgot to add the rear-view mirrors after I took this picture, so I did add those. I'll probably keep messing with this tomorrow, but after 5 hours on it I needed a break for tonight!

The finished car can be personalized by writing on the license plate, putting on bumper stickers, etc. I did a car cake once that had the couple's dog sticking his head out of the sunroof, so there are a lot of things that you can do to make it obvious who it belongs to!

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