Wedding Cakes- A Very Busy Week

So wedding cake season is starting, and this was the first week in a while that I had to be in the kitchen without a break. I made cookie favors, wedding cakes, and groom's cakes, and a couple of anniversary cakes, spread out from Wednesday through Saturday.

I was thinking that the interesting thing about the orders this week was the variety of styles that were covered. Two of the wedding cakes were fairly traditional white cakes with flowers on them. One was more whimsical, with polka dots in multiple colors, and one was extremely non-traditional.

I have to address the non-traditional one, since it was very amusing to me. The couple who ordered it wanted a cake that would represent themselves and their interests, and they gave me a long list of things that she liked, he liked, and they liked as a couple. The bride had thought up a design of two side cakes with a tiered cake in between. The side cakes were a his-and-hers, with one for the bride and one for the groom, and the middle cake represented them as a couple.

Since they met when he called her office on business, and she happened to answer the phone, they wanted to include telephones in the design.

They were planning on having an Elvis impersonator at the reception, so I included a hand-drawn plaque of Elvis on it, along with other 3D and 2D items. One of the things they like to do together is watch movies, so I added a strip of film made from an icing sheet, and I hid some of their catchphrases on the piped designs on the bottom tier. I told the groom that this was the first time I had ever piped "Kick Ass" onto a wedding cake before.

Even though this was a time-consuming week I enjoyed the variety of cakes. Wedding season is up and running, and I have some good cake designs coming up!

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