Baking Tools- Spatulas Are Making Me Mad.

If you're on my facebook page, you know that I needed a few new spatulas recently. I bought some when I was at the mecca of American consumerism, Walmart. Well, I guess that Walmart gets the cheapest type of spatulas to keep their prices rolling back, because the ones that I got were total junk.

The brand was Farberware, which is a good company, but whatever idiot designed this particular spatula is, well, an idiot. The handle has a two-piece design, so as soon as you put any stress at all on it, it flexes enough to make the little piece that inserts into the larger piece snap off completely. I had bought three of them, and I broke the first two within minutes of each other. The first broke off while I was scraping a bowl of cake batter, and the second broke in a bowl of icing. I still have the third one, but I have to be really careful with it, and I'm only going to use it until I can buy some better ones, then I'll throw it out so that it can join it's brothers in the trash.

(I did email Farberware to tell them that their spatulas stink, and they said that they wouldn't refund my money, but they'd send me another spatula if I sent them the broken ones back...uh, I threw them out already, and no. I don't need more defective-design spatulas, thank you anyway.)

So I was still in need of some more spatulas. I was at Michael's and saw that Wilton is now selling some. I bought one to try it out, since it had a metal handle that didn't look like it was going to snap in half anytime soon. It didn't snap in half, but every time it hit the edge of the mixing bowl it gave me a jolt of metal on metal. In addition, since there's absolutely NO give at all in the handle, it was really awkward and made my wrist hurt.

So I'm still on the lookout for some good spatulas. These are the ones that I was looking at online, and I think I'll just go buy them now. One-piece handles, silicone, perfect. they'd better not break under the weight of cake batter...

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