The Clown Vase

I went to the antiques mall this past weekend, just because I enjoy looking at old junk. The last time I was there a couple of months ago I had seen a clown head vase, and I hadn't stopped thinking about how creepy it was. So of course, when I was there I had to look to see if it had been sold, and it hadn't, so I bought it.

These head vases are usually in the shape of beautiful ladies wearing fancy hats. I do have one of those, but this one was far more interesting.

I have several questions about this particular vase. First, why would anyone think it was a good idea to make a vase that looked like this? Were they trying to work out their own deep-rooted fear of clowns? Second, where would you display this item? Did people put these out as part of their regular decor? And third, what should I name him? My daughter, who refused to let me show her the vase after seeing it once, suggested "OOglay" but I don't think so.

I'll keep thinking about whether I should name him or not. He might just end up being nameless, but something so awesomely bizarro deserves a name. For now I've put him in my office next to my Tippi Hedren Barbie . They can keep each other company while I ponder...

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