Using Leaves On Wedding Cakes

This is a strange topic, but I was thinking about it when I did a wedding cake this past week. A lot of the time when a bride asks for sugar flowers on her cake, she doesn't want me to use leaves with them. The leaves, though, add an extra touch that makes the flowers seem more realistic.

I took a couple of pictures of the blue cake that I did, with and without leaves on the branches. Without the leaves, it's basically a stick, but with the leaves it takes on more of the look of a real branch. The addition of the leaves isn't something that jumps out at you, but it definitely makes a difference.
So let your baker suggest leaves and don't shoot them down right away! You might want to keep a monochromatic design for a more modern look, but for more natural arrangements, leaves add an extra touch of realism.
Tip: If you're making leaves for a cake to match certain flowers, it makes the leaves more realistic to put
a touch of the flower color into the green that you're using for the leaf color.

Another tip when you're doing a cake that has a branch on the side is to take a look at a real tree branch before you do the piping. I've seen some really weird-looking cakes that looked like they had a long brown sausage squeezed out onto it with a bunch of flowers stuck on, so keep what you're doing in mind. (I'm not saying that my branch is high art, but I know it doesn't look like a sausage.)

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