Wedding Cakes- Trevi Fountain

This cake was based on the architectural details that are found in the Trevi Fountain. I have a lot of molds that I hadn't been able to use before now, but for this cake they were appropriate.

There was a really cute story behind this cake...The couple had only been dating for a couple of weeks when the groom went on a family trip to Italy. The legend says that if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain , you'll return to Rome. The groom threw in two coins, one for himself and one for his new girlfriend. He had a feeling that he'd be back there with her, and his wish came true since they'll be there on their honeymoon. (Okay ladies, everyone go awwwww...)

Anyway, they wanted a cake based on the fountain, but not in the shape of the actual fountain. I hadn't planned on using water in it, but after putting it all together it just made sense to have some kind of a water detail. I started at the bottom of the fountain for the bottom tier and worked my way up, using shapes that were suggested by the designs on different levels of the fountain on different tiers. I was planning on airbrushing the cake a tannish color, but after I put the fondant details on it I decided to leave it alone because there was enough color already.

The mold that I used for the top part of the corner posts was one of a series of molds of antique architectural details, and I'll be giving one away next week, so stay tuned.

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