Wedding Horror Stories- This One "Takes the Cake"

I heard this from another baker, who graciously gave me permission to use it here. (We bakers love hearing horror stories about wedding cakes, we just can't look away from the train wreck.)

The story is short but sweet. When the cake cutting was done at the wedding reception, guests started going over to the cake table to get a piece of cake. They were greeted at the cake table by the bridesmaids, who'd been put there to distribute the cake --For a price.

The bride was charging the guest $2.50 a serving if they wanted dessert. No cash, no cake.

Now I don't know how many people opted to pay for their wedding cake, but I thought this was one of the worst etiquette moments I'd ever heard. A cash bar is bad enough, but a cash cake? You learn something new every day!

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