Spatulas, Spatulas.

So after buying the worst spatula in the world, I gave in and ordered some of the Orka ones I'd been looking at.. Of course, since I'm me, I bought about eight of them, I think. They were on sale, though, so I'm pretty much set for spatulas for a while.

Then I was at the grocery store and happened to see the Home 360 brand, which looked suspiciously like the ones that I had ordered. Since the Orka ones hadn't arrived yet, I bought one of the Home 360 to try it out.

When the Orka ones arrived, I was able to compare the two and they really are pretty similar. Since they're both one-piece, they don't have any removable parts that need to be separated for cleaning, and they're both dishwasher safe. They both have a piece of either metal or some other rigid material inside the handle that extends into the head of the spatula, but the sides and the tip of the spatula part are slightly flexible, but still stiff enough to really scrape the bowl without folding back in a wimpy display of non-scrapiness. One interesting thing about both of them is that the very end of the handle end is also flexible, so that it gives a little when you're gripping it, and the handle doesn't dig into your hand.

The main difference design-wise is that the Home 360 one has a tapered handle, and the Orka one has a straight handle. The tapered handle is actually a little more comfortable to grab, but it isn't so noticeable that I'd really care about that. The less-expensive Home 360 is only heat-resistant up to 450 degrees, while the Orka is heat-resistant up to 570 degrees. For most of the things bakers are going to use these for, the lower heat level is fine, but I have a feeling that the Orka is going to last longer.

So my search for a good spatula is over...I'll have to move on to something else. Maybe I can find some more clown vases.

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