The Crocheted Pants Groom's Cake

This was one of the funniest groom's cakes that I've done, just because it's such an odd subject. This was a pair of crocheted pants cake. That's right, crocheted pants.

The groom is apparently a minor celebrity of sorts in Austin, Texas, because his hobby is crocheting pants. The bride says that people in town know him as "The guy who makes crocheted pants" and that people will come up to him on the street and want to talk to him about it. It only made sense to have a groom's cake shaped like one of his favorite pair, then. The model was a pair of red pants with a white top section, reminiscent of a pair of tighty-whities. There are crocheted suspenders attached to the top, and the pants sport a stylish flare at the bottom.

The pants cake reminded me of that Dr. Seuss story about the pair of pants with nobody inside them. I stacked eight or nine cakes of different sizes and carved the shape, then covered the whole thing in buttercream and started piping crochet. 3 1/2 hours later I was finished, and so was my hand. The design itself is something that you'd look at and say "what the heck is that?" but if you know the story behind it, it's pretty funny.

The cake is a surprise, so I hope that the groom liked it...The bride told me that she didn't think that he knew about the cake, and that he's been distracted because he's busy making pants for the groomsmen to wear at the wedding. I don't know if they'll have them for the ceremony or just the reception, but those are some wedding pictures I'd like to see!

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