Another Entry In Made Of Awesome-- Chris Isaak and Silvertone

I've been a Chris Isaak fan for quite a few years, so when I get a chance to see him live I take it. We'd seen him before a few years ago, and tonight we saw him again when he played a local outdoor venue. In the 105-degree heat. At least it cooled down a little right before they came on stage.

I'll add Chris and Silvertone, his awesome band, to the "made of awesome" hall of fame that exists in my mind based on the performance tonight. They've been together for 25 years, and each one of them is an excellent musician in his own right. Put that together with an obvious lack of taking-themselves-too-seriously, and you get a show that's great musically as well as really funny. Add that to a mirror suit and you get awesome. And you have to give them credit for wearing their suits in the heat. As Chris said tonight, "When you see a guy dressed in a wool suit with sequins in the 100 degree heat, you know he's serious."

When we saw them the last time Chris signed our t-shirts, and I cornered the drummer, Kenny, in the lobby after the show and talked to him for a while. I don't think they hung around tonight after the show, so I couldn't harass them, but I bought a copy of their new album, Live At The Fillmore, that Chris had signed. I chose one that he had written "swinging" on, since that pretty much sums it up. A highly entertaining show, full of rockabilly-country-surfer pop, mirror suits and grown men who are considerate enough to write their names on their guitars in case you forgot who you're watching.

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