Cookies And A "Duh" Moment.

When I make cookies I usually just roll out the dough and try to get it the same thickness all over. Since it's a well-known fact that I'm cheap, I won't pay for those fancy little plastic rings that you can get to fit on your rolling pin to mark the depth of the dough.

So I was rolling out cookies and thought Duh, I can use dowels for this.

This is something that I've seen other places, but it's one of those things that I always tend to forget when I'm actually doing the task. If you use two dowels (or pencils, or anything that's the same depth as however thick you want your dough to be) you can roll your pin on top of them and it will keep you from rolling the cookie dough unevenly. Again, Duh.

The cookies that I was making were flowers, and they were based on a cookie that Veronica Perez of Petites Bouchees had seen and wanted to use in her dessert buffets. The pattern was based on a wallpaper design, and I took a round cutter and bent it into the shape that I needed. I did the ones for Veronica, but I had some left over, so I used the same shape and just piped random flower patterns on the rest. Aren't they cute? And they were good, since I ate about four of them over the course of the day. I make them for wedding favors (in any shape you want), so if you're looking for a favor that your guests won't leave on the tables, get them cookies!
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