Monday, July 19, 2010

I Am Fascinated By Marshmallows

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I love homemade marshmallows. The process of making them is so strange, and the ones that you buy in stores pale in comparison.

I had some extra time recently, so I decided to make some for my own amusement. I made them pink and added rosewater to them for the flavoring to see what they'd be like, and boy, were they good. I also made some coconut, chocolate and orange flavored ones. If you haven't had homemade marshmallows you're missing out. Check them out on epicurious if you're interested in trying them.

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veron said...

just sent you an email. :)

Veronica Yoshida said...

Hi Kara,
I just made marshmallows by the recipe you posted! They were not only fun to make but they do taste incredible. I'm attmepting to use them in marshmallow fondant and I'm hoping it works as well, if not better, than using marshmallows from the store. It certainly makes a huge batch! Great recipe!

Kara said...

Let me know how they work in marshmallow fondant. I don't make the MMF but I'd be curious to know how the homemade ones work in it!

Veronica Yoshida said...

Hi Kara,
Just wanted to get back to you on the MMF using the homemade recipe. It is, as my kids will point out, total awesomeness. When it's finished it does still look and fell like one big giant marshmallow. However, you cut off the amount you need and work in just a bit more powdered sugar and you get the perfect consistency. It hold color extremely well and is possibly the best tasting fondant ever. I do occassionally use Satin Ice when I have to buy premade but this seems to be the new favorite!

Christine said...

My friends look at me like I have 3 heads when I say I'm making marshmallows. They can not fathom how one would do such a thing, but do not want the recipe to try. That being said, they all love to stop by when they know that there are some marshmallows to be had:)