Proper Wedding Cake Storage Is A Good Thing

Here's a nice story I heard today from a client.

He was at a wedding where a European relative of the bride made the traditional family cake, but instead of storing it in the refrigerator, she put it in the shed. (In her home country they used food cellars to store things, but the bride's family didn't have a cellar, so she just put it in the shed instead.)

So when the time came to cut the cake at the reception, the bride and groom cut a piece, and the photographer got a great photo of the bride with a horrified look on her face as the groom held a piece of the cake out for her to eat. A piece that had HALF of a wriggling worm in it. Yes, there were worms in the cake and they had cut through one. No, the guests didn't want any cake after that.

So remember...Decorated cake + Outdoor shed = Not good. In case you were wondering.

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