Saturday, July 17, 2010

Proper Wedding Cake Storage Is A Good Thing

Here's a nice story I heard today from a client.

He was at a wedding where a European relative of the bride made the traditional family cake, but instead of storing it in the refrigerator, she put it in the shed. (In her home country they used food cellars to store things, but the bride's family didn't have a cellar, so she just put it in the shed instead.)

So when the time came to cut the cake at the reception, the bride and groom cut a piece, and the photographer got a great photo of the bride with a horrified look on her face as the groom held a piece of the cake out for her to eat. A piece that had HALF of a wriggling worm in it. Yes, there were worms in the cake and they had cut through one. No, the guests didn't want any cake after that.

So remember...Decorated cake + Outdoor shed = Not good. In case you were wondering.

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Anonymous said...

that is truly disgusting. i'm at a loss for words actually, i mean, how does one walk out of a (hopefully) clean house and go into a dirty filthy shed and place a cake in there? yikes that must have been one unbelievable kodak moment :x
cindy/cindy's cakery

Kara said...

My client actually said that the cake had started to "fester", so I think it was out there for a while. The relative was European, so I assume it was fondant-covered, and she probably thought it would be okay in the shed? I have no idea. Maybe she put it on the ground, if there were worms in it.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

In Europe they are not as anal as we are about refrigerating everything. My mother in law only has a tiny fridge with enough space in it for half an ice cube tray. She doesn't use ice for anything and hardly uses the fridge at all.

In fact, the signature dish they all eat is called Bigos, which is a traditional Hunter's Stew with several kinds of meat, cabbage, mushrooms etc in it. They keep a pot cooking all the time and just add to it as they see fit. It sits on the back burner of the stove and they warm it up as needed, never putting it in the fridge to store it. I was taken aback by this and was really afraid for our 4 year old to eat any. She was quite offended by my implying that it may not be fit to eat, along with the food being stored out on her balcony during the summer.

If my mother in law knew how to make a decorated cake I can guarantee you she would be just fine with sticking it out in the shed until it was serving time!

Kara said...

That's why I don't doubt that this story is true! A gross outcome, but true.