Sunday, August 1, 2010

Black and White Wedding Cakes

Black and white is a classic color scheme, and brides are using it more on wedding cakes, both alone and in combination with a third color. This cake was based on a picture that the bride brought me (I don't know who the original designer was). It was a basic black and white cake with white gumpaste ranunculus. I used painted details on the flowers instead of using black stamens, since I wanted to emphasize the graphic nature of the design.

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Jennywenny said...

Nice! I love black and white, although it can be pretty nervewracking as a cake artist because its almost impossible to correct mistakes!

Kara said...

This was pretty simple, I just used strips of black fondant stuck onto the buttercream. It probably would have been more difficult if it was fondant, but since this was buttercream I could reposition it if I was off a little.