Gumpaste Crown How-To

I had a client ask me to do a baptism cake for his baby, and he sent me a picture of a cake that had a gumpaste crown on the top tier. Since this was a last-minute order, I needed it to dry relatively quickly, but base on the humidity that was a tall order. It was also a tall crown, so there was always the possibility of the points bending over before it dried .

I needed to know that the crown would stay standing up, or I'd have to make it from something other than gumpaste. I thought of doing it in chocolate, but the heat isn't happy for chocolate, either. So I got the tylose out and added some extra to the gumpaste that I'd made up to make it a little more firm.

I rolled out the crown shape, then shaped it around a conveniently-sized beer can (Thanks to all the beer companies who use the extra-tall can as an excuse to let people say "I only had one beer"). I wanted it to dry standing up so that I'd know that the points were going to stay upright. I wrapped a piece of parchmetn paper around the can first to keep it from sticking, then just attached the ends together at the back of the crown.

I then took another piece of parchment and wrapped that around the crown so that it would hold the points up if they started to fall over. After that dried for about a day I took the outer layer of paper off and let the crown dry more. At this point I also trimmed the points in a couple of places using a knife to make sure they were all the same height and the edges were smooth. Just be careful cutting it, because if you cut too far into it it could crack.

When it was set, I added a cross and silver discs, which were all made out of candy clay. I glued them onto the crown using melted chocolate, and I filled in a couple of cracks and gaps with chocolate and blue icing that matched the color of the gumpaste.

I've added a photo of the cake with the crown on it. The cake isn't finished, but you get an idea of the scale. I might give the crown to the client separately from the cake and let them put it on right before the party, since it never hurts to support a gumpaste piece and not worry about it falling off of the cake or getting smashed during delivery.

FYI, the design for this cake was based on one from a decorator in Australia. Have a look at her website, she does very cute cakes for birthdays, etc.

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