Photoshop Part 2- Enemy of the Baker

The last entry was about how can be used to improve the appearance of cakes, but it also works the other way. If you're a baker who delivered a cake, and you get a complaint about it later, what's the first thing you think to ask for? That's right, pictures of the problem. What if there wasn't a problem, but there's a picture of one anyway? With photoshop that can happen!

What if you received a photo like the crooked cake at the top, with the bride telling you that the cake started leaning, eventually collapsed, and ruined the reception? Now she wants her money back! Oh that's terrible, isn't it? Except that this cake didn't collapse, it actually looked like the second one.

I'm not saying that most brides do this kind of thing. Most people who I've worked with are very nice, and I've never had anyone try to scam me out of anything, but I've heard plenty of stories of people who have had clients who did. The first thing that everyone says it "tell her to send you a picture of the cake" to show the damage. That only goes so far, as we see. Like I said before, if I can make that tier look like it's going over, someone who's really good at photoshop can probably make it look like a big pile of mush on the cake stand.

I've received a few complaints about cakes, and the first thing I do isn't to ask for a picture. I always pick up the phone and call the reception site, and talk to the person who was there who cut the cake, or who saw what was going on. Once a bride told me that the cake was too dry and nobody ate it. Since I'd cut the cake into torted layers, used soaking syrups and three layers of fillings, I doubted that. Turns out that she'd ordered more cake than she needed in the first place, then had fewer guests than expected show up for the reception. The reception site coordinator told me that there wasn't anything wrong with the cake, she just had about twice as much as she needed. If I hadn't called to clarify the situation, there's no way that I would have known that.

So don't worry too much with pictures, call to ask what happened from someone who witnessed it firsthand and can tell you the truth of the situation. If it was something that you did you'll need to deal with it, but get the facts first. And these days a photo won't always give you the facts.

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