Ladyfingers Are Pretty $%&^$ Hard To Find

I had to make a tiramisu (see the last post) and I needed some ladyfingers. Simple, common ladyfingers. No big deal, right? WRONG! I went to four different stores and not a ladyfinger in sight! Plenty of nasty old biscotti, FILLED ladyfinger-type cookies, etc., but no real ones. (I later found out that they sell them at a pasta shop down the street from me, ugh!)

There are soft ladyfingers and crispy ones, and I needed the crispy ones, which will hold up when dipped in the espresso for layering in the tiramisu.

So I went home and had to make ladyfingers. They're easy to make, it's basically a piped genoise batter, but you do have to watch the baking time if it's humid. I baked them then ended up putting them back into a slow oven to dry out some more. They were nice and crispy, but after a couple of days they were back to being softer. Still crisp but slightly softer. Don't they look purty?

Here's a link to a recipe for ladyfingers in case you can't find them where you are!

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