Baking Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

One of my earlier blog posts talked about how my hand hurt from piping cookies, and this week it's my hip and feet that are killing me. Anyone who bakes or cooks and is on their feet for long hours on end knows that when you stand up and lean over the counter for eight hours, then try to do anything else, you'll feel muscles that you didn't know that you had.

So after this weekend, which is one that I've been dreading for the past eight months, I don't think I'll be able to get up off the couch when I try. I usually don't schedule more then three cakes over the course of a weekend, because that way if a bride wants to add a groom's cake to her order, it won't be too difficult to schedule deliveries, etc.

For this weekend I had scheduled three cakes, then someone else asked if I could do one, and since it was small I said yes. Then I got another contract back that I'd forgotten about, but it was small, so I said well, I can handle it. When all was said and done I had six wedding cakes and a groom's cake scheduled for this weekend, so I've been busy this week, to say the least. Of course, all of them needed gumpaste of some sort, too.

At this point I'm done with five of the seven, and I have to decorate two more and deliver them tomorrow. One only has flowers to put on it, and the other gets to be painted, but it's fondant so I want to let it sit to make sure no bubbles appear on it mysteriously before I decorate it.

Here are the 5 that I've done so far...All different styles, and all finished and delivered successfully! Now let me see if I can get up and stretch my hip so that I won't be too stiff tomorrow to decorate the next two...

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