Halloween Cakes Roundup

As Halloween approaches thoughts turn to cakes that feature blood and gore. Or maybe just witches and pumpkins.

I've rounded up some Halloween-themed cakes for your perusal...There is one of my own, but most are from my cake friends who very generously sent me photos to use. (I once spent an entire Halloween weekend taking pictures of themed cakes, then realized that there was no film in the camera. So I don't have a lot of my own photos. Oops.)

This one is by Tara Whatling of Taras cakes. A nice Cauldron of Treats.

This one is by Debby Moro of Sugar Buzz. I like the headstones on this one. Lots of good joke names come to mind, so you could definitely have some fun with this design!

Here's Pinhead from Hellraiser, by Kristi at Ahimsa Custom Cakes

Here's Hannibal Lechter by Kristi ...

And another one by Kristi, this one a haunted house.

A jack-o-lantern cake that I did for a girl's birthday. And it wasn't on Halloween. Her husband said it was an inside joke.

This one with chocolate skulls is by Cristina of Kreaciones Kity

This one is by Jodie Fournigault

A haunted zombie house by Jessica Keller

This one is also by Cristina

A scarecrow and his bale of hay by April Jenkins of Three Forks cakes

Some cupcakes by Karen Ferguson of Eisskween Designs
And a truly impressive idea, the light-up Jack-o-lantern cake by Jeanne Kalman of The Well Dressed Cake. She tells me that the front is gumpaste, and the back is cake with a space inside for a candle. Very spooky!

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