Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cake Tips For Budget Brides

Here's a cake tip for brides on a budget: Not everyone eats the cake.

I might get in trouble from other bakers for saying this, but I've said it before and it's true. Not everyone eats the cake, so you don't need to buy one serving for everyone. If you use 80% of the number of guests to estimate how much cake you'll need, you're going to have enough cake and you won't have much left over. If you buy one serving for each guest you're going to have a lot of cake left over.

That would be because the person cutting the cake cuts the pieces too small, or because not everyone has the cake, no matter how delicious it is. Somebody's always on a weird diet, people are too full from dinner, there's always someone who'd rather hang out at the bar and drink, and there are always people who are dancing or are just too busy talking to get cake.

For other bakers who don't like the thought of something cutting into their profits, let me ask you this: Would you rather have people say "Oh, there was so much cake left, it must not have been very good." Or would you rather hear "The guests ate every bit of cake, it was the best wedding cake I've ever had!"

That's all...

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Anonymous said...

I so agree. I did a wedding last week where the couple insisted on 200 servings because that was the number of RSVPs they received. They ended up with only 125 guests and nearly 100 leftover servings of cake. Luckily, they had lots of family in town and wanted extra cake, but most couples would NOT be happy to take home 100 servings of cake.


Kara said...

Right, and they'd probably blame you for selling them too much cake if they weren't happy about the leftovers!

Jamie said...

I follow that rule too, every time. Haven't had anyone tell me they ran out of cake OR complain that there was too much, ever! I don't want to make more cake than I have to either! Good thing about having every single pan size, is you can get to within 15-20 servings no matter what.

IcingArt said...

My advice has always been:

1. If the cake is being served as a "seated dessert" immediately after dinner , then each guest must be offered a slice. (Afterall, a bride wouldn't order 80% of entrees, would she???)

2. If the cake is to be cut and served later in the reception after the guests have been up dancing, mingling, drinking, etc. then yes, order less cake and when it is gone, it is gone!

Kara Buntin said...

From what I've heard from venues, that isn't necessary. They say that when bakers sell a serving per guest it doesn't matter when it's served, there's always cake left over. They also tend to not cut the pieces at the "standard" 1x2x4" that I assume they do. I've seen photos of cake that are obviously way too thin, so I think that we, as bakers, overestimate the accuracy of the serving counts we're providing. Plus, even if the cake is served plated to tables, there are always people who say "no thanks" and skip it.