Deliveries Can Be An Adventure

I've written about delivering wedding cakes before, but after one that I did recently I thought that it wouldn't hurt to touch upon the subject again.

Notice the warning at the top "address is approximate"--No kidding!
I always say that you should take the initiative and get in touch with venues before you deliver a cake. It isn't fun to arrive at a venue and find nobody there and the doors locked tight, so checking in beforehand is usually a good idea. Well, sometimes nobody answers the phone at smaller locations like private clubs, because there isn't anyone on staff there full time. If that happens I try to arrange things with the bride, since if she's renting the space, she should know what time people should be there to open the place up.

For my recent delivery to an American Legion hall I couldn't get in touch with the club, so I arranged the delivery time with the bride. No problem. I got directions from mapquest but then thought "wait, I've driven past there before and I don't remember seeing the place..." So let's try google street view.

Well, street view showed a bunch of trees. Lots and lots of trees. With an arrow pointing to the road and the address on the arrow. I assumed that the club wasn't a treehouse, so I was prepared for something strange. I double-checked the address, gave myself some extra time, checked to see if the address was also listed in the phone book (it was) and figured that I would be able to find it when I got in the area.

So after driving around for twenty minutes, in and out of a residential neighborhood that didn't look like a private club of any sort, I did the most logical thing I could do. I started asking random people in the neighborhood if the club existed, and then where it was. With the help of a few people, I eventually found the club, which was obviously a super-secret American Legion hall that had been located down a narrow dirt road in the woods before this neighborhood had sprung up around it. The cake was delivered, and everything was lovely.

So my further delivery advice is to triple-check every detail of locations that you don't know, and leave yourself some extra time if you've never been to the location. If you get lost you won't panic so much if you have some time built into your schedule!

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