Sunday, November 14, 2010

Home- Based Business 101

I've seen a lot of posts online recently about home-based businesses and people asking how to handle problems they've encountered since they started one. I always want to just tell them to buy my book and read it, PLEASE, but since I hate spammers I'll confine my sales pitch to this venue.

PLEASE, for the love of God, if you want to start a home-based business, buy Not So Common Sense....It won't hurt you, and it can only help, I swear to you. It's a quick read, it has real-life examples of common situations that you WILL encounter, and it might help you reinforce your backbone a little if you take the advice in it to heart.

It's not just for bakers, either. Home-based businesses face the same challenges regardless of what they're selling, and I tried to make it as universal as possible. There have been a couple of positive reviews that went up on Amazon recently, so I'm glad to see that it's been well-received by people who have read it so far.

This news report about a heinous wedding cake really got me mad the other day, because if the person who made the horrible cake in it had read my book and been professional, she might not have inspired the newscaster's comment at the end about being leery of home-based business owners. If you or anyone you know is starting or thinking of starting a home-based business or whatever type, PLEASE put Not So Common Sense on a gift list for them. It might help them raise the bar for themselves and all the rest of us too!
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Anonymous said...

omg what a slap in the face! :( it's so unfair to lump all home-based cakers in one pile and to even suggest we are all like this woman. $250 for a 3 tier???? the bride went el cheapo and got what she paid for, a mess (not saying that's what she deserved tho). she then goes to 12 on your side to announce her displeasure to the world. of course, the reporter did give one tiny good piece of advice--that people should really check out the person they are considering as their baker.

interesting that the bride states the cake tasting went well. i'm sorry but cutting up cake and giving a scoop of icing is only half the story. the fact that the baker is quoted as saying she is proud of the cake made my jaw drop. without question kara she needs your book!
cindy/cindy's cakery

Veronica Yoshida said...

I was more than a little upset by the reporters ending comments. It was unwarrented to say that you should "be leary" because she works from her home. References should always be checked and readily offered by the baker. If a refund was not part of her business it should have also been stated in the contract, presuming she had a contract, that would have clarified these minor points. I have done cakes at less than cost on occasion but still delivered a top quality product. This bit of advice was an affront to all qualified bakers/cake decorators who chose to keep it personal and work from home. I would wonder of the quality of the 2 hour rush cake as well - we know it wasn't fresh!

genevieve said...

Just ordered it! Not 100% sure yet that I'm going to jump off this cliff, but I'm glad to have your advice while deciding!

Kara said...

It will give you an idea of some of the things you'll run up against!

Canterbury Cakes said...

I've just ordered your book as it looks like there's some invaluable advice in there.