More White Cake Baking Challenge Results

I had a comment on my facebook page about a different method to try with the white cake recipe I've been looking at. Kristina Salmon-White of Flour and Iced cakes in Richmond (see, who says bakers won't talk to each other?) said that she sometimes uses a method that sounded suspiciously similar to a genoise mixing method, and that it gives the cakes a nice soft crumb.

So I decided to throw another little white cake in after I did my baking today. I used the method that Krissy suggested, whipping the eggs and sugar, then mixing in the dry ingredients, and finally mixing in the heated  milk/butter/vanilla.

It didn't change the result much, unfortunately. The crumb was still kind of large and even though the flavor was good, the cake was just a little too chewy for my tastes. Out of the three trials, the second one was the best one so far. Sooo...I  think that the mixing method isn't the main issue, it's the balance of ingredients. I'll look at that next week.

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