One Big Cake

This cake was a big one...It was for a local chapter of the IBEW, the electrician's union. They were having a big holiday party and wanted to get a cake in the shape of their building, so they called me up.

The building itself was pretty basic shape-wise, but the facades on all sides were designed in an interesting way. The walls are done so that it looks like there are overlapping sections on each side, and there are different heights on each section. I had to figure out a way to get that effect, because the overlaps and height changes made it impossible to just cover the cakes in fondant and decorate them in one piece.

I took a bunch of pictures of the building, then went to work. There were so many different steps that went into this cake that I'm planning on doing a series of how-to articles about it, so I'll keep the specifics for another time.

For now, the basics were: 400 servings, about 70 hours of work, about $350 in materials, the board was 42" x48", the cake itself was made of eight 12x18 sheets, and it was about 125 pounds when it was done. And the sign out front lit up!

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