Technique--Stamping on Candy Clay

Oh, how I love the crafts store...There's always something there that could potentially be used for cake decorating. The sales after Thanksgiving this year presented me with a large selection of rubber stamps, so I bought a bunch.

You can use stamps to impress images on fondant or gumpaste, obviously, but you can also use them to deboss images on candy clay. The clay will hold the shape of the stamp and you can either leave them plain or dust them with luster dusts. (Debossing, or making an imprinted pattern on a flat surface, is the opposite of embossing, which is making a raised pattern. See how educational this blog is?)

stamped design
I bought the clear stamps that are popular now, but beware of them for debossing purposes. Not all of them have a lot of detail on them. Depending on the pattern, some would be better for stamping color on something flat than they would be for imprinting patterns.

brushed with gold luster dust

excess dust rubbed off

The flower stamp that I used had some nice details on it, and when I dusted it with some gold luster dust it emphasized the pattern more. One thing to note, though, is that the luster dust tends to stay on the surface of the clay and not get into the detail of the stamp itself.

In the picture of the flower border, you can see the difference between the two rows. One was dusted, and the other had gold dust brushed on the stamp before it was pressed into the clay. The bottom one that was dusted first has the gold color on the petals inside the debossed design more than the one on top that was dusted after being imprinted.

This technique would be good to use for borders because you could deboss the pattern on the candy clay bands, then attach them to the cake. I think that it would be hard to do the stamping on the cake directly because of the pressure you have to apply. It also works best to press gently directly down, and not roll a rolling pin across the stamp to get it to imprint. That tends to stretch the image. The candy clay will lose the image if you press it, so be careful not to touch it too much after it's imprinted.

I also tried out a more linear stamp, and it worked very well. The butterfly pattern held up on the candy clay, and showed up nicely after being brushed lightly with the luster dust.

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