Used Gumpaste Flowers

This is a warning for brides who are looking to cut expenses. Not everything should be re-used. You might be able to get bargains on items on ebay, but it's not a good place to buy everything.

Someone showed me this ad on ebay for some used gumpaste flowers. Eeewwww...Now I know that gumpaste isn't REALLY going to be eaten, but technically it is an edible element on the cake. Reusing the flowers is sort of like reusing the garnish on a salad. Eeewwww!

Not only that, but I could see from the photo that some of the flowers are broken, which is always a nice look on your wedding cake. And for $250 you can buy a lot more pre-made gumpaste flowers that haven't been used than are in this picture, so I think that the seller was trying to make a little extra profit from her used sugar. Strangely enough, there weren't any bids on this item...

Listen, brides...Just let your baker arrange to eithermake or buy the gumpaste flowers. Don't try to be clever and buy them yourself, it probably won't end up as well as you think. And definitely don't buy them used. If you do that, I have a little radish rose from my salad last night that I could let you have for a good price.

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