The Invitation is ONLY For You.

Another funny wedding horror story that I remembered today...A former coworker of mine was getting married, and was dealing with the usual "do I have to invite everyone at the office" stuff. She decided that she had to invite her bosses, even though one of them was a heinous, nasty woman who she really couldn't stand. (And I'm being generous with that description.)

The invitations all went out, and she didn't hear back from the nasty boss, even though they worked in the same office and saw each other on a regular basis. Neither one mentioned it, and my friend was secretly hoping that the nasty boss wouldn't be coming. She finally had to ask her directly though, since the time was getting close and there had been no RSVP received.

The nasty boss told her that she wasn't going to be coming, but that she was going to let her son take her place because he wanted a free meal. Yes, that's what she said.

(My husband just reminded me that she used to buy lunch for the office, then pack everything up before everyone had eaten so that she could take the "leftovers" home. So this wasn't a one-time thing.)
Now keep in mind that even though my friend was horrified, she also wasn't surprised because the boss was heinous, but her son was worse. We're talking 35-yr-old, lives in his mother's basement, grunting not speaking, shows up at the office asking for money from his mother, never misses a free lunch nastiness. At least he came by it honestly.

Luckily, my coworker wasn't the shrinking violet type, and told the nasty boss in no uncertain terms that her son was NOT allowed to come to her wedding, and that if he did show up they wouldn't have a seat for him or any food for him to freeload, uh, I mean eat. She said that he never did make an appearance, but she worried that he would up until dinner at the reception was over. At that point she knew that she was safe, since he'd have no incentive to show up.

So remember, an invitation is an invitation, not a ticket to a free meal. Not even if your mother tells you it is.

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