Piping Lace On Cakes

Last month I did a lace-piped wedding cake that was so pretty it even made me look at it and go Ooh!

This one was done in ivory buttercream, with the piping of the design being done in white to give it some contrast.

To pipe the design, I took a piece of the lace that was used for the wedding dress and put it against a piece of black paper. I isolated a few design elements from it to use, the piped it on in using the buttercream and a number 2 tip.

I piped the curve of the scalloped shape first, to mark where the patterns would go, then worked using that as the guide.

The important thing to remember when you're figuring out how to pipe this type of pattern is that you want to make sure to have the right number of repeats. If the lace pattern has an even number of repeating sections, you'll need to plan for an even number on the cake, or the repeats won't line up when you pipe it.

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