Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Round Or Square Edges...What Do You Think?

Rounded edges....
It used to be that fondant wasn't a very popular option for cakes in the U.S. That has been changing slowly, and some decorators don't use anything other than fondant because of the decorating possibilities that it opens up.

Traditional fondant cakes have a rounded edge at the top of the tiers, but when more wedding magazines started showing photos of cake dummies with fondant on them, the edges started looking more square, as is the nature of using fondant on styrofoam.

The more square edges have made their way onto real cakes, and for a lot of decorators the goal of a really sharp edge has come to symbolize a cake that has the fondant done the right way. Rounded edges aren't the goal anymore.

I personally like the way that a sharper edge looks, and I try to get the edges of my fondant cakes fairly sharp, but I'm starting to second-guess that a little.

...Vs. sharper.
The reason is that in the past few months I've had a number of brides specifically say that regardless of whether it's buttercream or fondant, they do NOT want a sharp edge on their cakes, they prefer a softer look, and want it more rounded. It makes me wonder if one or the other is really a standard, or if it's just another design element that needs to be discussed when you design the cake.

Pearls or piped borders? White or red roses? Rounded or sharp edges? I think that it's becoming something that needs to be addressed, since it seems that people are starting to have a preference, and it does affect the look of the cake.

So what do you prefer? Is this something that should just be considered part of each decorator's individual style? If you like doing rounded edges would you do sharp ones if specifically asked to do them, or vice-versa?

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Jamie said...

Funny you mention this! I made the decision myself last weekend NOT to make sharp corners on my fondant cakes anymore. Too much work, and apparently I am just not cut out to pull off Planet Cake style (cause I'm not about to go to ganache under fondant either) and I am actually liking the soft curved edge look more and more. But buttercream iced, that's going to be a challenge when working with meringue bc.

Jamie said...

I mean, a buttercream ONLY cake, will be a challenge because of the meringue icing.

Kara said...

Yeah, it's interesting because I know that we've discussed this before, but I've had about 4 or 5 brides in the last couple of months say that they specifically don't want a sharp edge on the cake. And don't worry, it's not so hard to get a softer edge with meringue buttercream. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jamie you could use a large c cutter or a curved piece of food safe plastic to make the rounded edge in BC and then smooth down from there and across the top from the lip created to the center. Do you remember that crazy video of cake icing sculpting we saw ages ago. He frosted and while it was spinning on a fast turn table he scraped designs in and added color and flipped portions from a textured patter. Kind of like molding pottery.

Or just soften the edge after chilled. -wink