Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trees: The IBEW Cake Part 3

 The design of the building itself was fairly straighforward, but the details are what individualize a custom cake. I wanted to recreate the little details that were specific to the IBEW building, and one of the features that I wanted to recreate were the trees in the front of the building.

There are two crape myrtles and one smaller tree that were planted at either end of the building. The crape myrtles were slightly taller than the building, and the smaller tree was slightly shorter.
To make the armatures for the trees, I started with 32 gauge wires and twisted them into a trunk. I then used the wire to make branches and smaller branches coming from those.
wire armatures

covered with chocolate

When I was done I covered the branches with melted chocolate and let it set up.

attached to the branches
I cut out about 120 green leaves for each tree using the Wilton plunger cutter, and some pink flowers for the crape myrtles using the same cutter set, and attached them to the branches with more melted chocolate. For a timeline, it took about 40 minutes to an hour to attach the leaves to each tree.
cutting off the base

bent into a tripod
covered with modelling chocolate

I then cut the curved base of the wire armature and spread the wire out to make a tripod stand. When it was time to attach that to the board I covered it with modelling chocolate and made a stable round stand for it that would be later covered with piped grass. I glued that to the board with more melted chocolate, then piped over the base with icing when the board was covered with grass.

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Jamie said...

Those came out fabulously! I love the little leaves. Didn't know there was such a tiny cutter!

Anonymous said...

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Kara said...

Hi-- of course you can share the blog links. Thank you!